Young Soles


We are Young Soles, a luxury children’s footwear brand with a small collection of lightweight shoes for both boys and girls from toddler to junior.

Blending retro-cool with classic British heritage styles, our shoes are designed in East London and made in Europe using the highest quality materials.

    Acknowledging trends and giving them our own twist, we always ensure we stay true to our brand, whether its borrowing from childhood memories, music, or a style movement, there is always inspiration to be found.

Built to last with all the features parents should expect from a child’s shoe, our lasts follow the shape of the foot with a wide toe and narrow heel.

    We love the smell of natural materials, we use soft and supple leather to make our uppers and linings, allowing the upper to mould to the contours of the foot. Our lightweight and flexible outsole mixes traditional detailing with contemporary materials, chosen for growing feet and first steps.

With styles that complement a variety of outfits your child will look and feel like the coolest kid in town. We love them, we think you will too.



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Vera Ankle Boot Chestnut Brown Leather | Child

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Sidney Brogue Boot Cherry Leather

Artikel-Nr.: 1440-01-0010

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Rodney Derby Boot Black Leather

Artikel-Nr.: 1440-01-0007

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Velcro Sneaker Boot with Cup Sole Grey Baby

Artikel-Nr.: 1440-01-0006

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Sidney Brogue Boot Hunter Green Leather

Artikel-Nr.: 1440-01-0003

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